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    New Skylights and Custom Projects

    We install VELUX brand solar powered or manual opening skylights and fixed skylights either deck mount or curb mount. We can also design and install your custom glass or acrylic skylight. We specialize in skylight projects big or small, both residential and commercial.

  • VELUX Sun Tunnels

    The VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ skylight is our most popular skylight install. They are a quick and easy way to bring natural light to any space. If you have a large or small space that needs natural light and not a sky view, a SUN TUNNEL™ skylight is perfect. All solar products are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit.

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    Skylight Replacement and Repair

    At Dyer Skylights one of our primary jobs is to extend the life of your existing skylight wherever possible. Everything from glass replacement to new flashing; we will manage your skylight project in such a way as to keep all existing components that still function.

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    VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight
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    VELUX Fixed Curb Mount Skylight
  • fixed deck mount skylight.png
    VELUX Fixed Deck Mount Skylight
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    VELUX Manual "Fresh Air" Skylight
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    VELUX Pitched TMR Sun Tunnel
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    VELUX Low Profile TGR Sun Tunnel
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    VELUX Flat Glass TLR Sun Tunnel